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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When you invest in a motorcycle, you spend more time outside and less time stuck in traffic. However, riding a bike also comes with risks and dangers that aren’t present when driving another vehicle. These compact, lightweight motorcycles offer many advantages for riders, especially those that live in areas with heavy traffic or limited parking. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to riding a bike that you wouldn’t face if you drive another type of car. For example, motorcyclists are 25 times more likely than passenger car drivers to be killed in an accident. Furthermore, the risk of injury is much greater when riding a motorcycle than driving other cars. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer at The Law Offices of John M. McCabe when you've been in an accident that wasn't your fault.

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Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Choosing the right motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you is the first step towards receiving compensation for your injuries. You want to ensure that your attorney has knowledge and experience with motorcycle accident cases; after all, they will work closely with you throughout the process. It would help to choose an accessible, trustworthy, and responsive attorney. It would help if you were also comfortable with the attorney’s fees and billing practices. Most importantly, you want to choose an attorney who will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Several factors go into calculating the compensation you can expect in a motorcycle accident case, including:

  • How severe your injuries are: The more severe your injuries are, the more compensation you will receive.
  • The costs of your medical bills: If you have thousands of dollars, your motorcycle accident attorney will likely try to include these costs in your claim.
  • Your future earnings: If your injury has impacted your ability to earn money, you will likely receive compensation.

Understanding Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Claims

Once you’ve gathered the necessary information to file a claim, it’s time to prepare your motorcycle accident personal injury claim. This can help you receive compensation for your injuries as quickly as possible. Here are some things a motorcycle lawyer will include in your case:

Statement of Facts

The first step in filing a claim is to write a statement. This is essential to the claim because it gives an overview of the accident and the damages you suffered. It’s best to write this statement as if you’re telling your story to a jury.

Medical Records

Keep all medical records related to your injuries after the accident. This can include bills, prescriptions, and any other information that proves your injuries and their impact on your life. This documentation can help prove your damages and speed up the claims process.

Witness Statements

Make sure you list the names and contact information of any witnesses who can corroborate your story. If you don’t have witnesses, you can still file a claim. However, it may take a bit longer to process.

How Much Does a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cost?

We work on a contingency basis for personal injury claims. A contingency fee basis means we do not charge you anything unless we win a settlement in or out of court. This fee structure ensures we work hard for your case and that you don't have even more out-of-pocket expenses during a stressful time. We also offer contingency fee schedules for other practice areas, such as:

How To Choose A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Once you’ve gathered the necessary information to file a claim, it’s time to find a motorcycle accident attorney. This can help you receive compensation for your injuries as quickly as possible. Here are some things you should look for when choosing an attorney:

1. Experience

The best way to find an experienced motorcycle accident attorney is to ask other riders who they recommend. You can also search online for reviews and recommendations to find an attorney with a positive reputation.

2. Affordability

Even though you want to find an experienced attorney, you should consider their affordability. Most motorcycle accident claims are contingent, meaning you don't pay unless you win. This can help you find an attorney without breaking the bank.

3. Location

Make sure you find an attorney in your area. You don’t want to travel long distances for meetings or hearings.

4. Specialization

There are many motorcycle accident injuries. You want an attorney who has experience representing people with your type of injury.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents. Some causes are unique to motorcycles, and others are typical for any type of vehicle in a crash. These causes can be:

  • Inclement weather
  • Being in the blind spot of a car or truck
  • Distracted driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Road defects
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • and more

Types Of Injuries Caused In Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can cause both physical and emotional injuries to riders. These types of injuries can often lead to serious financial consequences when untreated. Physical injuries from a motorcycle accident can range from minor to life-altering. Some of the most common injuries include:

1. Broken bones

Fractures and broken bones can happen in any accident. However, riders who aren’t wearing helmets are likelier to break one or more bones in their skull, face, or neck.

2. Road rash

Road rash is a common injury in motorcycle accidents. It happens when the road surface scrapes off a rider’s skin after being thrown from the bike. This type of injury is prevalent on long-distance trips when a rider isn’t wearing the proper clothing.

3. Spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury can profoundly impact a person’s life. It can lead to long-term physical limitations and severe financial consequences. Motorcycle riders should wear helmets and proper safety gear to reduce the risk of spinal cord injury.

4. Burns

Most motorcycle accidents end in some vehicle fire. This can cause burns to the hands, arms, legs, and other body parts.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident: A Step-By-Step Guide

After a motorcycle accident, it’s essential to follow some basic steps before starting the claims process. This can help you avoid inevitable mistakes that may negatively impact your claim in the future. Here are some things you should do after a motorcycle accident:

Step 1. Get medical attention.

After an accident, it’s essential to get medical attention as soon as possible. This can help doctors identify severe conditions and begin treatment as quickly as possible.

Step 2. Take pictures of the accident scene.

Take photos of the site as soon as possible. Remember, you aren’t the only one affected by the crash. Other drivers may have pictures that don’t show your side of the story. Document everything related to the accident in as much detail as possible. This includes the date of the accident, weather conditions, and the names of all involved parties. This information can help attorneys build a solid case to recover compensation.

Step 3. Report the accident to the police

Report any accident that results in physical injuries to the police. This will help you prove your story and get compensation for damages.

Understanding Laws For Motorcycle Accidents

Before you start the claims process, it’s essential to understand the laws for motorcycle accidents. This can help you avoid common pitfalls that can negatively impact your claim. Here are some things you should know about motorcycle accident laws:

Comparative negligence

In some states, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries even if you were partially at fault for the accident. However, these states apply a “comparative negligence” standard that can decrease your compensation by as much as 50%.

Immunity laws

Some states provide immunity to drivers in certain situations. This means they won’t be held responsible for damages, even if they were at fault for the accident. Before you start the claims process, you need to know if the other driver(s) are immune. If so, you may be limited in the compensation you can receive.

Statute of limitations

Many states have a statute that requires an injured party to file a claim within a certain amount of time. These time limits vary based on the type of accident and the state you’re in. Check the statute of limitations in your state before filing a claim.

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