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Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Commercial truck drivers are known to speed up or take few rest breaks to meet unrealistic deadlines. A lapse in judgment can lead to catastrophic and fatal commercial vehicle accidents. If you or your loved one was in a trucking accident, select an experienced commercial truck accident lawyer to help you get back on your feet with a full financial recovery.

The sense of urgency to make a delivery on time should not put anyone’s life at risk. At The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A., we offer strong legal counsel to hardworking people who have had their lives turned upside down from a truck accident. We have decades of experience proving fault in highly complex commercial vehicle accidents. We will use our years of experience to help you obtain a full financial recovery against any at-fault parties.

How Much Does a Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer Cost?

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

We work on a contingency basis for premises liability and personal injury. A contingency fee basis means we do not charge you anything unless we win a settlement in or out of court. This fee structure ensures we work hard for your case and that you don't have even more out-of-pocket expenses during a stressful time. Reach out today for a free consultation with our commercial vehicle accident lawyer. We also offer contingency fee schedules for other practice areas such as:

Establishing Liability In Commercial Vehicle Accidents

After a commercial vehicle accident, you may have little time to catch your breath before insurance adjusters and investigators swarm the accident scene. These adjusters are hired to try and protect the truck company and driver. When the stakes are high, trust our commercial vehicle accident lawyer to have your best interests in mind.

We will conduct a thorough investigation to identify the cause of the catastrophic or fatal trucking accident. Our personal injury attorneys will work with you to understand the sequence of events just before the collision occurred. We also review witness statements and police reports. Part of our investigation includes working with an accident scene deconstructionist to review the wreckage and debris left from the accident. Our investigative skills help us identify faults when liability is initially unclear.

What if There is More Than One Liable Party?

If more than one party can be held responsible, we can pursue maximum compensation against all liable parties. For example, if we prove the driver’s and truck company’s negligence caused the accident, we seek financial compensation through the driver and truck company's insurance. We are committed to helping you secure the compensation you need for the current and long-term damages you have suffered.

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At The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A., we have recovered several six- and seven-figure awards for accident victims and families with fatal accident claims. We will apply our years of experience and legal skills to help you get back on your feet with the compensation you are entitled to.

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