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Feedback From Our Valued Clients

Earlean McCoy

John, I want to thank you for the manner in which you worked with me and handled my case. You have been the ultimate professional. As I mentioned to you early on, this was all new to me. I appreciate you and the person you are. You treated me with respect, and you listened to me. You talked to me, and not at me or over me. Working together, we made a great team.

I respected your knowledge of the process and was willing to listen to your advice because you gained my trust. I needed that level of comfort. Thank you for that.

Also, please thank your staff for always being so pleasant and accommodating. I know they put in the work as well.

Sandi Huddleston-Edwards

After doctors recommended my invalid mother have 24-hour care, which would be better given in a nursing home, I trusted them and placed my precious mother in a nursing home I thought I could trust. Six months later, my mother was inexplicitly found on the floor beside her bed and with two broken femurs.

Obviously, my world was shattered by guilt and my heart was broken by grief when this tragic incident led to her death sixteen days later in Hospice care. I sought spiritual advice for consolation and understanding and legal advice for remedy and justice for the suffering and negligence my mother had experienced and endured the last days of her life.

The moment I met John McCabe, I felt relieved and quickly realized my prayers had led me to an attorney who empathized with my pain, sympathized with my loss, and who was legally astute and forthcoming with his advice and knowledge regarding negligence and wrongful death. And because of John’s expertise, dedication, and determination, a lawsuit was filed and won almost three years later.

While nothing can compensate for my mother’s suffering and my personal loss, I do have some closure of a terribly sad time and feel some semblance of justice on earth was achieved. I hope I never experience an accident or incident where I need to call upon John’s law firm again, but if I do, I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon John, whom I now call “friend.” I trust him explicitly and will forever be grateful for his guidance and leadership.

- Sandi Huddleston-Edwards, English Adjunct Professor and Christian Author

The Smith’s

I was involved in a work-related accident 3 ½ years ago that changed our lives forever! This accident left me with severe injuries and multiple surgeries. I knew that I would need someone with dedication, knowledge, and the resources to put us in the right direction. Mr. McCabe will not tell you what you want to hear, instead he tells you the truth and leads you in the right direction!

The compassion that John and his Team exemplified during the entire case, was immeasurable and beyond expectations! John and his Team were always prompt in keeping me up to date of any changes with my case!

If you are struggling to find representation, look no further as John McCabe and his Team are the BEST in the business!

Thank you, John and Team for everything you have done for my family and I, we are forever grateful!

Alex Saunders

I was in a serious accident while riding my bicycle in Oak Island, NC. An inattentive driver of a car collided into me from behind, leaving me unconscious on the side of the road, and with serious injuries.

Having never been in an accident like this, I was scared, especially since I did not have health insurance.

The injuries resulted in months of healing and rehabilitation, and the subsequent loss of months of income.

Fearful that the driver’s insurance company would not cover the tens of thousands of dollars of medical expenses and loss income, I immediately sought legal protection and assistance.

John McCabe was referred to me by another leading North Carolina attorney, and assured me I’d be in good hands with him.

I called John McCabe’s office number one night, and they actually answered the phone. It wasn’t an answering service, it was them working late. They took time to learn about what had happened.

John McCabe then called me personally first thing the next morning, and immediately put me at ease that there was hope.

John and his awesome staff wasted no time, and immediately went to work on the case. They did not require any payment upfront, and were just interested in trying to help.

John and his whole team really take a personal interest in their cases, and fight for what is right.

You are treated like family, and not just another client who will get lost in the mix.

In a short time frame, John and his staff recovered the entire value of the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage.

For months thereafter, John and his staff continued to negotiate my bills with the hospital, and were always on my side.

In this frightening and challenging experience, deciding to call the Law Office of John McCabe was the best choice I made.

Michael & Anny King

We Trust John M McCabe, P.A.

Following a work injury and a surgery that was unsuccessful, my husband knew he needed help to navigate the workman’s comp maze. On his own he encountered road blocks at every turn. He visited with The Law Offices of John M McCabe and knew he was at the right place to get his needs met with success.

We are treated like we are his only client. John and his team have never minded answering questions or concerns and we have had quite a few. His team is knowledgeable, caring and sharp. They have been able to assist us when John was unavailable.

We never questioned or wondered where we were in our case or what steps were being taken to ensure a positive resolution. We knew this process was going to take time and we never felt that we were put on the back burner. John and his team always keep us up to date. The times we thought nothing was happening, we knew John was taking care of all details behind the scenes continually moving forward toward success.

It is the determination, expertise and experience John brings to each of his clients, that makes the difference for us. To date John has won several millstones for my husband and we continue moving forward. We trust John McCabe and his team. He always has our family’s best interests at heart. We have known from the start that we are in the best hands.

We highly recommend The Law Office of John M. McCabe, P.A.

Betty Jo Lively

Once in a while, someone comes into your life and attaches himself to your heart so tenaciously that you feel as though that person has always been there. You, dearest John, and your entire team, have been such a person in my life. You have been granted the amazing capacity to be professional and personal all at the same time.

You have truly worn the cloak of dignity and presented yourself with unmatched competency and unrequited passion and purpose. You have displayed sensitivity, wisdom, knowledge, and clearly defined integrity, and all the while, remembering that humanity and genuinely caring about others is at the root of true success.

Bernadette Carter

I came to Mr. McCabe a little over two and half years ago. A mother, who was desperately seeking answers as to what really caused the tragic car accident my daughter died in. Mr. McCabe was honest with me; and stated he had never taken on a case such as mine before. But if I chose him as my attorney, he was confident that he would do his best to get the answers that I was seeking. He made it perfectly clear that there were no guarantees. Mr. McCabe is fair, honest, and straight forward. These are characteristics I think consumers look for when looking for an attorney they can trust.

As your case progresses, Mr. McCabe and his team keeps you well informed. There were times when things did not look favorable, he was straight forward. He did not “sugar coat” the facts And other times when things were going well, I was kept abreast of this too. Mr. McCabe and his team treat you with the up most respect. They listen to what you have to say. While recognizing that they are experts in what they do, YOU are the expert on your love one. I guess, you can say, he makes you feel like you are apart of his team. My experience has been that Mr. McCabe and his team do not look at your case as another case file but as a real human being, who they genuinely want to get to know. Mr. McCabe and his team are very compassionate people and I thank God everyday that He directed me to Mr. McCabe’s Law Firm. I would gladly recommend him to anyone.

Christie Brooks

When a child of yours is injured in an accident, it is a feeling that is indescribable. To have to then face the legal aspect of it, is almost unthinkable. It was a time we weren’t sure we could handle. We searched and met lawyers, and the journey wasn’t an easy one. When we finally met John McCabe, we immediately knew he was the lawyer for us, and that he would be the one to get us the help we needed.

He was always confident, and very forthcoming and honest with us every step of the way. He treated us with the utmost respect and courtesy at all times and we always felt that we were his top priority. We were dealing with so many emotions and we had question after question. John always assured us that no amount of questions were too many. He was always available to us, by email or phone. He always promptly answered our questions, and even contacted us in between questions to keep us aware of what was going on with the case. He was wonderful with our daughter, and knew how to work with her on her age level and keep her comfortable and feeling safe at all times.

John is a very diligent, hard worker and went above and beyond any of our expectations. We were continually impressed, more and more, with his professionalism and determination in our case. He won our case, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It was a very sensitive time for all of us in our family and we can’t than John enough. He is by far the best lawyer we have ever met and would ever hope to work with.

Tim Walton

John McCabe is one of the best lawyers around. When we first met John in February 2011, he listened to what we had to say and was very concerned about my health and the situation surrounding it. John is not a person who chases cases. His cases come from recommendations from his clients and fellow attorneys.

Within the first 15 minutes of meeting John, I knew he was the right lawyer for me and my family because he showed care and compassion for the whole situation, not just the details of my injuries. Throughout the time we have worked with John, he has been there for us as a friend and a lawyer. John and his staff have the resources and connections to keep life moving when you think doors are closing. They are always available and John makes himself reachable anytime for clients.

Throughout our case, John handled everything. We had no worries about anything. We put all our trust in John and his staff, and it has returned us great and satisfying results. If you want the best, look no further — The Law Offices of John McCabe has the resources and experience to handle your case.

John Szymeczek

John has been exactly what I needed during an extremely difficult time – knowledgeable, empathetic, available, but most importantly EXTREMELY effective. I was making an effort to handle my situation on my own. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person capable of reading laws and applying them. I really did not think I “needed” an attorney. But I was having difficulty moving my situation forward.

After an initial consultation with John, he confidently advised “I can help you with this.” And he was very right. A “lay” person really cannot navigate the world of personal injury law. I placed my trust in John and he quickly achieved results I could never have achieved on my own. I am 100% better off having retained John’s representation. I will unhesitatingly recommend John to anyone is a personal injury/wrongful death situation. I genuinely believe he will give an honest opinion if he can help you, and will achieve results.

Mike Anderson

When I first met John, I was taken by his concern for me and my situation. After talking to him for about 30 minutes, I knew I wanted to hire him. We were taking on a big organization and I knew I could not do it alone. John laid everything out for me and did not make a move or talk to anyone without first consulting me and how I felt about it. The process was seamless thanks to him and his staff. When the day of mediation came, he did not waiver in any way.

He believed in me and I put every ounce of trust I had in him that day. He LITERALLY held my future and that of my family in his hands and I couldn’t have chosen better attorney. I have told several people I know that may be looking in the same direction as I was about him. John McCabe is one in a million. I appreciate everything he did for me.

Debra Quailes

After extensive research on attorneys in the Raleigh area who handle legal malpractice cases, I was impressed with John McCabe’s credentials and repeated recognitions for outstanding legal success. When I met John, I felt relieved and confident that his representation of me would be the best, and I was not disappointed. From day one, John’s communication with me was clear, and he set realistic expectations regarding the timeframe for handling the case and the settlement amount.

During my interaction with John and his staff members, I felt respected and appreciated as a client. When the claim was finally settled, the results were beyond my expectation. I am sincerely thankful. Without hesitation, I highly recommend The Law Offices of John McCabe to any one in need of outstanding, professional, and personalized legal representation.

Bryan Creech

I was involved in a trucking accident by being hit from behind by an18 wheeler. Following the accident, a good friend of our family recommended that we contact John McCabe. He assured us that his firm was a very excellent choice and he recommended them highly. His recommendation was quickly proved to be a great one.

John quickly responded by driving 2 hours to visit us and very clearly outlined the legal opinions for us to consider. Sitting across the table from him, I could tell that here sat a man of character and competence.

During the duration of developing the case, John and his staff were meticulous, prompt, knowledgeable and always responded within 24 hours of my calls or emails. John and his staff maintained a very cordial working relationship with us and everyone involved. John sometimes told me not what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. John removed all doubt and allowed me to focus on my rehabilitation. I simply did not have to worry about the details of the case.

Our settlement by mediation was fair and equitable. The Law Offices of John McCabe did an incredible job and they delivered the results.

John McCabe became a true friend to me and my family and we still communicate with them now. This relationship will never end.

We have the utmost respect for John’s integrity, legal knowledge and true caring that helped bring this tragic event to a close. We would highly recommend their firm to anyone and would be happy to receive calls on their behalf.

Melissa B.

I made a wonderful decision when I decided to contact Mr. McCabe and his team. Not only were they professional and hardworking; they expressed much gratitude and abundant sympathy towards my case. John was very compassionate and knowledgeable, and a man of strong faith. I have nothing but positive remarks for him and his team! I would recommend his law office to anyone! Thank you very much John!!

Brian Galpin

From the moment that I walked through your door, I was treated as if I were the only client that John and his team had. That first meeting convinced me John was a true professional with compassion, vision and integrity. It was immediately clear to me that I had made an excellent choice in John. I never once worried about my case. I was always kept informed of the progress and what to expect as next steps, and John was always accommodating in scheduling meetings with me. I had a very high level of confidence in John through this entire process and would highly recommend him as an attorney! I want to thank every member of the Law Offices of John McCabe. It is a privilege to know each of you.

Mike & Terri Cummings

After Mike lost his arm in an on-the-job accident, we were referred to John McCabe by a family member that works in the legal field. She told us that John McCabe was, hands down, the best personal injury attorney in the business. John proved to be very knowledgeable, compassionate, diligent, hard working, honest and patient. He kept us informed; often calling us weekly. We were able to move on with our daily lives and rest in the fact that John had our best interest at heart. He has a strong belief in God and is most concerned about principle and what is right. He made us feel like family and guided us to a very favorable outcome. Thank you John.

Temeka McPhail

We made a great decision when we hired Mr. McCabe to represent my family in a case involving the death of my four-year-daughter. From Day One, Mr. McCabe showed how much he cares for his clients. He truly cares and he works hard for his clients. Mr. McCabe doesn’t quit and he is dedicated to getting the best outcome for you. Thank you Mr. McCabe for all that you have done for my family and me.

S.L. Brannan

The Law Office of John M. McCabe, P.A. is amazing! After a car accident left me with injuries that altered my life forever, John and his staff took my case, when other lawyers had turned it down, and they won! Throughout my ordeal, their professionalism, caring nature, and tireless effort to stand up for me never wavered. Many law firms pull a 9-to-5, but not this one. Because of John’s efforts, I was able to pay off all of my outstanding medical bills and obtain money for my next surgery. John McCabe is truly a friend who is on your side and who goes above and beyond the call of a lawyer.

Sucheta Ruikar

In 2011, my parents came to US from India to attend my brother’s wedding. They came here on visitors insurance and just couple of days prior to their return journey, we were involved in a car wreck. My father was seriously injured and was in emergency room for a week. My mom had few stitches and whiplash injury. This being my first accident and not knowing what to do, I approached our corporate lawyers. They recommended Mr. John McCabe and couple of other lawyers to me. I am so glad that I made my first call to John.

Once I met him, there was no need to call other lawyers on the recommendation list. John has very pleasing personality, helping nature, great communication skills and strong ethics. He and his team worked tirelessly to negotiate the medical bills with Duke and also worked with Domestic and International insurance companies to settle all the bills and accident related issues. I could always reach him for any questions / concerns. If he could not be reached, his team made sure he got the message and I always got the return call. Mr. John McCabe is very trustworthy and genuine lawyer. I would highly recommend John and his associates to anyone in need of legal representation.

Ruby & Kirk Jacobsen, Cary, NC

What can we say except, ‘Job well done.' Thank you so much for your endless hours of work and commitment. Not only are you an exceptional attorney, you have integrity. We respect you tremendously and it has been a privilege to have been your client.

Greg D.

Thank you for obtaining my recent workers compensation settlement. Through your hard work, the amount of the settlement far exceeded any amount I had imagined. I appreciated your professionalism and your straight forward approach in your dealings with me as well as your patience to my many questions.

Nancy Hazlewood

John McCabe’s representation of me was excellent. His attention to detail, pursuit of fact and figures, research, and his timely pursuit of my case were wonderful. His dedication to me and my case were also cause for a lasting and good friendship. He was, is, and remains my attorney of choice for any reason or claim that may arise in my future.

Marianne Gilbert

I highly recommend The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A. They are amazingly professional, enthusiastic, and honest. And, they always made me feel 100% comfortable and at ease. I felt like I was their friend, and not just another client. At mediation, I was incredibly impressed by their powerful and persuasive presentation of my case. They were fully prepared, and they made it clear to the other side they would be in for a dogfight if the case didn’t settle. Through their efforts, my case settled quickly, and I was very fortunate to be represented by the lawyers at The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A.

Jaime Escobedo

I was fortunate enough to have The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A. represent me in a wrongful death case involving my son, Zachary. John diligently and professionally worked on my case for over four years. During that time, they worked hard to right an injustice that was done to my family. They kept me informed of what was going on every step of the way. They treated me with compassion and understanding. They genuinely care about my family, and I never felt like I was just a “client.” Because of John’s efforts, I was able to do many things, the most important of which was buying a headstone for my son. I could not recommend these lawyers enough. They’re the best.

Wes Barger

I am a Sergeant with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission in the Enforcement Division. While working on the night of October 12, 1995, my patrol car was hit by a drunk driver. My injuries were life-threatening, and I spent months in the hospital. Despite the seriousness of my injuries, the workers’ compensation carrier would not approve or provide the medical services and treatments that my doctors were recommending.

Fortunately, I was referred to John McCabe. John was extremely nice and “down-to-earth.” He explained thoroughly the entire workers comp process. He went to work right away and got me the medical attention that I needed. As a result of John’s efforts, I improved to the point that I was eventually able to go back to work, to a job that I very much enjoy. Getting anything done on my own would have been next to impossible, and I may not have ever recovered or returned to work. But with the help of John and his competent and friendly staff, I received everything I needed.

John and I have become good friends and I am very appreciative of all the help and advice he has given me since that difficult time in my life. He is always eager to listen and to Thank you John, and all the staff at The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A., for all your help over the years since my accident and for your friendship! I am truly grateful!

Attorney Brian Davis

John is a great lawyer who works super hard for his clients. The results he obtains for his clients are phenomenal.


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