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Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

If you or your loved one was in an 18-wheeler accident, obtain experienced legal help today. Truck companies spend a substantial amount of money annually working with insurance companies to try and mitigate their exposure to liability in commercial trucking accidents. Select an experienced trucking accident lawyer with the skills and legal resources to conduct a thorough investigation on holding all at-fault parties accountable. It's also essential to understand the common causes of truck accidents so you can be ready.

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Since 1994, The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A., in Cary, North Carolina, has advocated for good, hardworking people with lives turned upside down from someone else’s negligent actions. We know how the trucking industry works, and the safety regulations drivers and truck companies are responsible to follow. When you select our law firm, we will conduct a thorough investigation to identify liability.

What Causes Truck Accidents?

What Causes Most Truck Accidents?

There are many reasons for truck accidents, but a few are too familiar. These causes are (but are not limited to):

Driver Fatigue

Big wheel drivers are on the road for months at a time. Driving for so long can cause drowsiness and fatigue. Truckers are regulated to take certain breaks in driving to avoid driver fatigue. However, many do not adhere to those rules. When this happens, and an accident occurs, they are liable for any injuries caused.

Truck Maintenance Errors

When you're driving an 18-wheeler truck across the country, it causes the vehicle to need a lot of maintenance. Truckers are required to maintain their vehicles, so they are safe. If an accident is caused by a vehicle malfunction, there are usually two reasons: the maintenance worker did sloppy work, or the driver didn't keep up the maintenance.

Poor Driving Conditions

Whether driving through a blizzard, thunderstorm, or heat advisory- inclement weather can make for dangerous roads. Truck drivers must take extra precautions to ensure their truck is safe.

Negligent Hiring by the Truck Company

Trucking companies have an obligation to do background and driving history checks before hiring a driver. If they do not do these things, or they do and ignore a poor driving record, then accidents happen.

We Know How To Determine Liability in 18-Wheeler Accidents.

Identifying the cause of commercial trucking accidents can be a challenge. Evidence from the accident scene can quickly disappear. In many cases, more than one party can be held responsible for causing the trucking accident. Our law firm has the skills and legal resources to identify the factors that led to the truck accident.  At The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A., we conduct thorough investigations reviewing evidence from the accident scene and evaluating witness statements or police reports.

Our legal team also seeks to track down records from the truck manufacturer, truck company, or shipper. These records can be:

  • fuel tickets
  • dispatch sheets
  • maintenance records
  • logbook records
  • Weight limit records
  • and more

We also have extensive experience proving fault against truck manufacturers and shippers for any negligent actions that ultimately caused the trucking accident. We evaluate every angle possible to help us prove fault against all liable parties. Our investigative skills are invaluable in helping us obtain a full financial recovery against all at-fault parties.

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Whether distracted driving or another factor leading to the 18-wheeler accident, obtain experienced legal counsel. Insurance companies often make quick settlement offers without considering accident victims' current and long-term damages.

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