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Workers’ Comp Vs. Personal Injury Claims

Any on-the-job injury serious enough to disable you from work probably merits a conversation with an experienced lawyer to ensure you are aware of all legal options for obtaining compensation.

Do You Need A Lawyer To Pursue Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Most people throughout North Carolina are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits after injury-causing on-the-job accidents. However, the process required to file your claim, win approval and start receiving paid medical treatment and checks can be overwhelming and extremely frustrating on your own. Work comp insurers frequently deny claims, delay or stop paying benefits and raise other barriers for injured workers and families in need of support.

Should Someone Other Than Your Employer Be Held Accountable?

Upon investigation, some work accidents prove to have been caused by the negligence of someone other than the injured person’s employer, such as a subcontractor on the work site or the manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment. Depending on the circumstances of your case, filing a “third-party” personal injury lawsuit against the person or company responsible for causing your injuries may be far more financially beneficial than a work comp claim alone.

A Track Record Of Success Advocating For People Hurt On The Job

We have been handling workers’ compensation disputes and personal injury lawsuits for people statewide since 1994. Our approach to each work injury case is thorough and comprehensive, focused every step of the way on obtaining the best possible result for our client. A Raleigh personal injury lawyer at our firm will ask the right questions, investigate as needed and strive to help you make the soundest possible decisions about how to proceed.

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We know the levels of pain and stress that suffering a work injury can create, and our compassionate, skilled professional team is here to provide the legal guidance and advocacy you need. To discuss your situation and legal options free of charge, call us at 919-899-9852, toll-free at 866-907-1145 or contact us online.

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