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Workers’ Comp Includes Vocational Retraining

Any serious work injury or the onset of an occupational disease can create tremendous worry about your financial future. What if you do not recover at a level that allows you to return to your former job? If you need training or education to get back into the workforce in another capacity, will the cost be paid for — or beyond your means?

Vocational retraining for injured workers is a key aspect of employer/insurer obligations under North Carolina law. Although it may seem less urgent than getting medical expenses paid and receiving weekly benefit checks, disputes over what constitutes “suitable employment” and the type and extent of retraining to be provided are common.

Advocacy For Workers In Disputes Over Training And Return To Work

We stay abreast of changes in the laws, current trends and emerging strategies for reaching resolution through negotiation, mediation, hearings and appeals. This includes a clear grasp of the new state law that went into effect in June 2011, containing changes that may impact your vocational retraining rights and options.

Your valid, important concerns may involve:

  • Denial of your work injury claim altogether, serious delays in providing benefits, or refusal to order and pay for vocational rehabilitation or education you need to return to work
  • The work comp insurance company initiating vocational retraining before you are physically able to participate and benefit from it (since the law no longer requires waiting for maximum medical improvement)
  • Your ability to seek retraining on your own if your employer only offers you a position that pays well below your pre-injury wage rate

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What you believe are fair opportunities and demands, what work doctors believe you can perform, and what the work comp insurer willingly agrees to pay for may be a source of conflict. For a free consultation on your job retraining rights after a work injury, call 919-899-9852, toll-free at 866-907-1145 or contact us online to speak to a caring, knowledgeable attorney.

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