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Legal Counsel Is Crucial After A Fatal Work Accident

If your loved one was in a fatal work-related accident, obtain experienced legal counsel. This is a highly complicated area of the law. Insurance companies are known to try and limit the amount of compensation families can secure.

At The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A., we understand you are not interested in profiting off your loved one’s fatal accident. That is not our goal. But, we want you to secure the compensation you are entitled to so you can focus on the future without any financial worries. We have decades of experience helping families navigate through North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system.

We Offer A Strong Voice For Families With Fatal Accident Claims

If you lost a loved one in a work-related accident, you may feel numb not knowing how to move forward with your life. We are here to help pick up the pieces for you. Our law firm has extensive experience handling fatal accident claims for families who lost loved ones in a wide range of accidents, such as:

  • Industrial accidents
  • Work-related motor vehicle accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Manufacturing accidents
  • Warehouse accidents

We understand that no amount of financial compensation can change the past, but we want to help you secure compensation that can help you get back on your feet. Our legal team is committed to helping you secure compensation for any wages your loved one would have earned if he or she was not killed in the work-related accident. Families with fatal accident claims are also entitled to compensation for any medical expenses related to the accident and funeral expenses.

During a time of mourning, the last thing you need is to deal with any additional complications. Our law firm has extensive experience handling disputes with insurance companies to ensure families obtain the compensation they are entitled. We also have a strong background helping families recover additional compensation through personal injury claims, if a third-party’s negligent actions caused the work-related accident. When you select our law firm, you can be confident knowing we will take every measure possible to protect your best interests.

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You have a right to secure compensation for the loss of your loved one. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Durham wrongful death attorney. We will help you navigate through the legal system to ensure your rights are protected at every turn possible.

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