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Truck Safety Regulations Are Extensive And Complex

The aftermath of a crash involving a tractor-trailer truck, semi or other large truck is chaotic. Victims often need emergency medical care and law enforcement officials push for a rapid cleanup of the accident scene. Determining what caused such an accident and who is liable for damages typically requires a thorough investigation led by a lawyer with relevant case experience and extensive knowledge of federal and state trucking regulations.

We Hold Drivers And Companies That Put Others At Risk Accountable

Establishing that violations of trucking laws occurred can be critical in your case for financial compensation that meaningfully addresses medical costs, lost wages and other damages. We ask the right questions and tap the right resources to expose negligence such as:

  • Driver fatigue related to exceeding maximum on-the-road hours, lack of rest breaks and other regulatory violations — traceable in some cases to unreasonable, illegal demands by the trucking company
  • Driver distraction leading to unsafe turns, lane changes and other dangerous maneuvers
  • Overloading or improper loading of 18-wheelers and other transport vehicles
  • Inadequate truck inspections or negligent maintenance leading to brake failures, steering failures, trailer/cargo detachment and other major accident risks

Statewide Representation: We Stay On Top Of All Regulatory Changes

Trucking regulations evolve over time, as has occurred recently with raised awareness of driver fatigue and distraction as frequent, serious accident causes. Our Raleigh trucking safety regulations lawyers stay on top of these changes at a level that brings requests to conduct legal seminars on this subject.

We are up to the challenge presented by drivers, companies and insurers concealing evidence of wrongdoing, including over-hours driving. Our investigative team is adept at bringing forth evidence and witness testimony to prove that regulatory violations occurred.

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