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What are some challenges of skin graft treatment?

The impact of a serious automobile accident could seriously burn, tear or otherwise severely damage part of your skin. If it is not possible for your skin to heal, your doctors may inform you that you need skin grafting to try to restore the ravaged area of your body.

Skin grafting involves taking a healthy piece of skin tissue and using it to replace damaged or destroyed skin. Doctors might take skin from somewhere on your body, or you might receive skin from a donor. As encouraging as skin grafting may seem, there are some challenges involved in this form of treatment.

Grafting may involve major surgery

Sometimes a skin graft involves minor surgery. You may remain awake while taking local anesthesia to numb the grafting area. However, WebMD explains that some surgeries are serious enough to require you to be unconscious during the operation, followed by a recovery period in a hospital.

Additionally, graft surgery has the potential to produce complications. Some patients experience bleeding or blood clots. Because grafting involves delicate skin surgery, there is also the possibility of contracting an infection. Additionally, a skin graft may leave scarring.

Your grafts may suffer damage

Following surgery, skin grafts may be in a delicate state. Exerting yourself or even conducting normal everyday activities may cause the grafts to bleed or tear. Your doctor should give you instructions on how to act following your surgery so your grafts have time to integrate with the rest of your skin.

The grafting might not take

Unfortunately, not all skin grafts are a success. In some instances, a doctor must remove the graft because it fails to fully connect with the surrounding skin. Even if the graft seems to work, it might deteriorate over time. You might end up needing another graft or your physician may suggest another course of action. It is important to know your treatment options since your medical bills could factor into compensation you may receive if you pursue damages from an auto accident.


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