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How long does it take for broken bones to heal?

If you are driving and an irresponsible motorist collides with you on the road, the impact might break one or more of your bones. In addition to the pain you would experience, broken bones can make it hard or impossible to move a part of your body. Some people need as long as a few months for their broken bones to heal.

Medical News Today explains that the recovery time for broken bones often varies. Some people need a few weeks while others may be on the mend for months. There are a number of factors that may cause you to recover more quickly or at a slower pace.

The nature of the injury

Recovery from a broken bone generally varies due to the kind of bone you break. Your wrist or hand will likely heal in less time than if you break a leg bone. Additionally, the nature of the bone break will matter. If you have a partial break, your bone will probably heal faster than if your bone breaks all the way through.

Age and health conditions

Your recovery time will also depend on your current physical state. If you are young, your recovery will go faster than if you are a senior. Bone healing might also take longer if your body mass index is high, if you smoke, or if you have a history of consuming a lot of alcohol. Your doctor might suggest putting aside smoking and alcohol drinking and to improve your diet to speed up your recovery.


Broken bones may lead to complications that can worsen your health. You might acquire a dangerous infection. Some bone breaks create bleeding or swelling into a joint or a muscle. If you wear a cast, your doctor should warn you of possible complications. Some patients who wear casts experience stiffness in the joints or pressure ulcers, also called sores.

Given how recovery time from a broken bone can vary, your doctor should inform you about any aspect that can speed up your healing. Consider writing down questions to ask your health care provider about your condition.


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