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Common Workplace Injuries

There are several types of injuries that can happen in the workplace, some of which may not be obvious. In North Carolina, employees may be entitled to workers’ compensation for injuries sustained on the job.

Construction and manufacturing

Construction and manufacturing employees can fall from ladders or rooftops and can be hit by falling debris. While they can take some safety precautions like wearing a hard hat and watching for warning signs on the job site, these hazards can be unavoidable.

Office and retail

People who work in an office environment may not think that they could suffer an injury. However, one of the most common injuries in an office is from repetitive motion, which can result from keyboard and mouse use.

Workers may also suffer from eye strain from fluorescent lights or computer screen use. While an ergonomics team can help employees set up their office space, it may not eliminate all of the risk of injury.

Retail employees are at risk of slips and falls and injuries caused by heavy lifting to stock shelves. They may also suffer from musculoskeletal damage from standing many hours each day.


Healthcare workers may suffer from sprains and strains, overexertion and cuts or other wounds while taking care of patients.

If a person is injured at work, he or she may want contact an experienced attorney who can discuss the options to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. An attorney can also help workers who were fired for making a claim or who were denied benefits.

It’s important for workers to know that they have a remedy under the law for their injuries.


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