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When A Trucking Company May Be Liable

Commercial trucking is a heavily regulated industry for very important reasons. Any company that puts tractor-trailer rigs and other vehicles weighing many tons on our roadways has a critical obligation to put safety first. However, many fall short on this duty by putting money and profits over safety, which puts ordinary drivers at great risk.

If you have been injured or tragically lost a family member in a North Carolina car-truck collision, contact a law firm that will go the distance in investigating what happened and battling resourcefully for all the compensation you deserve.

Exposing Trucking Safety Violations And Holding Corporations Accountable

Trucking accident litigation is a familiar territory for attorney John M. McCabe and our dedicated personal injury team. Since 1994, we have recovered millions for victims and surviving family members after accidents caused by negligence such as:

  • Violations of the trucking regulations that govern maximum driving and mandatory rest breaks, leading to crashes caused by driver fatigue
  • Overloading of trucks in violation of specific weight limits, resulting in brake failures, tire blowouts, loss of control, semi rollovers and other catastrophic outcomes
  • Failures to perform required licensing and background checks on drivers and provide adequate training before putting them on the road
  • Inadequate truck inspections, maintenance or repair

We recognize the tremendous economic and competitive pressures on trucking companies, especially in an adverse financial climate, but we also know the real human costs of cutting corners on safety. An experienced Raleigh-Durham trucking company negligence attorney at our firm can bring many years of relevant case experience and insight to your cause, targeting fair compensation to help you recover as fully as possible and move forward in life.

Get Our Proven Lawyer Involved In Your Case Now

As our track record of results shows, we refuse to be outworked by trucking companies that actively try to conceal negligence and avoid liability for catastrophic and fatal accidents. We build our clients’ cases for trial if needed, often compelling just settlement offers through our readiness and reputation.

To put our dedicated team to work evaluating the truck accident that has changed your life and exploring all avenues for recovering compensation, contact us at 919-899-9852 or toll-free at 866-907-1145.

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