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After doctors recommended my invalid mother have 24-hour care, which would be better given in a nursing home, I trusted them and placed my precious mother in a nursing home I thought I could trust. Six months later, my mother was inexplicitly found on the floor beside her bed and with two broken femurs.

Obviously, my world was shattered by guilt and my heart was broken by grief when this tragic incident led to her death sixteen days later in Hospice care. I sought spiritual advice for consolation and understanding and legal advice for remedy and justice for the suffering and negligence my mother had experienced and endured the last days of her life.

The moment I met John McCabe, I felt relieved and quickly realized my prayers had led me to an attorney who empathized with my pain, sympathized with my loss, and who was legally astute and forthcoming with his advice and knowledge regarding negligence and wrongful death. And because of John’s expertise, dedication, and determination, a lawsuit was filed and won almost three years later.

While nothing can compensate for my mother’s suffering and my personal loss, I do have some closure of a terribly sad time and feel some semblance of justice on earth was achieved. I hope I never experience an accident or incident where I need to call upon John’s law firm again, but if I do, I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon John, whom I now call “friend.” I trust him explicitly and will forever be grateful for his guidance and leadership.

- Sandi Huddleston-Edwards, English Adjunct Professor and Christian Author

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