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Bernadette Carter Testimonial

I came to Mr. McCabe a little over two and half years ago. A mother, who was desperately seeking answers as to what really caused the tragic car accident my daughter died in. Mr. McCabe was honest with me; and stated he had never taken on a case such as mine before. But if I chose him as my wrongful death attorney, he was confident that he would do his best to get the answers that I was seeking. He made it perfectly clear that there were no guarantees. Mr. McCabe is fair, honest, and straight forward. These are characteristics I think consumers look for when looking for an attorney they can trust.

As your case progresses, Mr. McCabe and his team keeps you well informed. There were times when things did not look favorable, he was straight forward. He did not “sugar coat” the facts And other times when things were going well, I was kept abreast of this too. Mr. McCabe and his team treat you with the up most respect. They listen to what you have to say. While recognizing that they are experts in what they do, YOU are the expert on your love one. I guess, you can say, he makes you feel like you are apart of his team. My experience has been that Mr. McCabe and his team do not look at your case as another case file but as a real human being, who they genuinely want to get to know. Mr. McCabe and his team are very compassionate people and I thank God everyday that He directed me to Mr. McCabe’s Law Firm. I would gladly recommend him to anyone.

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