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Bed Sores Are A Sign Of Abuse Or Neglect

When you place a family member in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you expect that their professional staff will provide them with quality care and make sure their needs are being taken care of. In such an environment, there is no clearer sign of neglect than the presence of decubitus ulcers, commonly known as bed sores.

If your loved one has bed sores, it is important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. At The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A., in Cary, North Carolina, we have extensive experience standing up for the rights of nursing home residents and strive to make sure they are treated with the care and respect they deserve.

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Bed Sores Are A Terrible Condition Caused By Neglect

The only way bed sores can happen is neglect. When patients are turned regularly and given the care they deserve, they simply do not happen. These terrible sores, which can develop into large, deep holes in severe cases, are extremely painful and highly susceptible to infections, which can lead to additional health complications.

We will investigate the circumstances around your loved one’s bed sores and fight aggressively to make sure that the nursing home is held accountable for the negligence of the staff. Having fought for victims since 1994, we understand the games that the insurance company will try to play to avoid liability, but we will not let them get away with it. Remember, the only cause of bed sores is total negligence.

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Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect


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