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The Effects Of Fatigue Are As Harmful As Intoxication

Medical research consistently points to a startling fact: The effects of fatigue and sleep deprivation on truck drivers are similar to those resulting from intoxication and illegal drug use. Drivers’ perception, reaction time and other factors key to safe driving are diminished by fatigue. It is no surprise, then, that overworked drivers are so much more likely to cause serious motor vehicle accidents.

We Have Been Assisting Clients Since 1994

At The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A., in North Carolina, we have a wealth of experience handling driver fatigue accidents. Our Cary truck driver fatigue lawyers have been helping clients in Raleigh and throughout central North Carolina obtain compensation for truck crash injuries since 1994.

Understanding Federal Driver Fatigue Regulations

Because of the well-documented dangers of driving while fatigued, numerous federal regulations exist to prevent truck driver fatigue and drivers are required to:

  • Take required sleep breaks
  • Take required rest breaks before moving on to other trucking-related business
  • Keep written logs tracking rest and sleep breaks

We are highly experienced at investigating truck accident cases involving truck driver fatigue. Common issues include:

  • Transport companies that assign tasks to drivers that are impossible to perform, i.e. getting to a specified location in an unreasonably short period of time
  • Drivers who keep two log books, showing different “on duty” times, so that they can try to hide excessive driving hours from law enforcement officials
  • Transport companies that tie driver wages to driving tasks that are illegal, i.e. cargo runs that need to be performed in an unsafe period of time, leading to infractions and fatigue

We can obtain onboard computer information, phone records and log books, and we depose company executives and safety managers in an effort to uncover the accidents caused by driver fatigue. Because of our extensive experience in handling truck accident cases, we are often asked to teach legal seminars on trucking regulations and driver fatigue.

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