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Texting And Driving Is Still A Problem

Despite the passage of clear texting-while-driving laws in recent years and dramatically increased media attention to its extreme dangers, driver distraction remains a constant problem on our North Carolina roadways. Some studies have identified safety risks equivalent to or greater than those associated with driving while intoxicated.

We Are Skilled Investigators Who Know How To Build A Strong Case

If you have been seriously injured in a crash you believe or suspect was caused by cellphone use or other distracted driving, your ability to recover fair financial compensation may well depend on the skill and experience of the attorney you hire. A Cary texting and driving accident lawyer at our firm stands prepared to:

  • Thoroughly investigate your accident in light of your belief or other evidence that the at-fault driver was texting or talking on a cellphone
  • Take action to expose irresponsible driving behavior that may be labeled “willful and wanton” and entitle you to seek additional damages — such as a driver causing an accident after receiving a previous citation for texting while driving
  • Aggressively pursue all relevant evidence in your case, including serving subpoenas to collect call and text records
  • Work closely with you, your doctors and other experts as necessary to demonstrate and quantify the total impact of the texting accident on your life and future

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