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Who Is Liable In A Rollover Accident?

The legal complexities and questions of auto accidents increase significantly when a crash involves a vehicle rollover. Why didn’t the vehicle remain upright? Did the vehicle’s lack of crashworthiness contribute to injuries? And are the other driver and the manufacturer of the vehicle that rolled over liable for damages?

We Have Handled These Types Of Cases For Decades

For legal assistance from a firm that has successfully resolved numerous rollover accidents, contact a Cary rollover accident attorney at The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A.

We are experienced in handling product liability cases, having handled vehicle rollover cases such as the following since 1994:

  • For passengers who were injured in single-vehicle accidents
  • In which the vehicle manufacturer was aware of the vehicle’s tendency to tip
  • In which a collapsed roof and other structural failures and crashworthiness issues contributed to the level of injuries

Firm founder John M. McCabe began his personal injury legal career defending insurance companies in legal claims filed by injured individuals. After seeing firsthand how insurers work to maximize their profits at the expense of their injured clients, attorney McCabe changed sides and now brings an insider’s knowledge of insurance companies’ tactics to injury claims.

Our range and variety of experience means we can quickly identify the key legal challenges in your vehicle rollover case and can effectively pursue the compensation you need and deserve. For more information, please contact an experienced lawyer from our firm.

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