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Did Another Driver Rear-End Your Vehicle?

Rear-end accidents occur when a driver hits another driver from behind. They are among the most common types of motor vehicle accidents, and the most dangerous.

At The Law Offices of John M. McCabe, P.A., in North Carolina, we have been helping rear-end accident victims obtain compensation since 1994. Our Raleigh rear-end car accident lawyers have a wealth of experience in personal injury litigation. We have been recognized by a number of organizations for our legal skills and unwavering ethical commitment.

Determining The Cause Of Rear-End Car Accidents Is Important

In some cases, the rear driver’s brakes fail, potentially turning car accident cases into products liability claims. However, more frequently, rear-end collisions occur when rear-end drivers fail to pay attention to the road.

With decades of experience, our car accident attorneys have proven fault against motorists in distracted driving claims, involving:

  • Texting and driving
  • Talking on cell phones while driving
  • Putting make-up on or eating while driving
  • Losing focus of the road while tinkering with the radio or talking with passengers

Our law firm also has extensive experience proving fault in rear-end collisions when motorists follow vehicles too closely or drive at unsafe speeds. We have the skills and legal resources to hold at-fault drivers responsible for their actions, even when liability is initially unknown.

We Will Help You Pursue The Full Compensation You Deserve

Motor vehicle accidents often occur so quickly leaving accident victims little time to brace for the accident. If you remember little from the rear-end collision, your chances of securing a financial recovery are not over. Our legal team has access to industry-leading experts, including accident scene reconstructionists available to help us identify the causes of rear-end collisions in North Carolina.

We will pursue a full financial recovery against all at-fault parties to help you recover compensation for any medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering. We know you don’t want to profit off the car accident, but we want you to be able to move forward without worrying about covering any financial loose ends from the rear-end collision.

We Challenge Insurers When They Use ‘Contributory’ As An Excuse

North Carolina is one of only four states with contributory negligence. Contributory negligence means that any plaintiff who is just 1 percent at fault cannot recover compensation for injuries stemming from a personal injury accident. Insurance companies frequently use contributory negligence to challenge our clients’ recovery options. We have decades of experience handling personal injury claims in North Carolina. Our legal team will take every measure possible to protect your right to help you recover the compensation you are entitled.

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If you have been in a rear-end collision accident, talk with one of our lawyers as soon as possible to get the information you need. Whether you car accident claim involves an air bag injury or property damage, we have the skills and legal resources to preserve your best interests. Contact our law firm online or call 919-899-9852 or toll-free at 866-907-1145 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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