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Distracted Driving Is Illegal Because It Causes Accidents

In North Carolina the law is clear: Texting and driving is illegal. In fact, when texting is excessive or reoccurring, or if the texter has been cited for texting while driving in the past, the negligent and distracting behavior may be labeled willful and wanton, and punitive damages may be available to the injured party.

Texting, radio distractions, alcohol, cell phones and other forms of distraction are all forms of negligence. When negligence occurs and you are injured or lose a loved one, you are likely owed compensation.

We are highly experienced auto accident attorneys with a track record of numerous six- and even seven-figure awards following car crashes in North Carolina.

We Know How To Investigate Fault In These Difficult Cases

We can conduct the investigation necessary to uncover the truth behind your accident and can aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve. For instance, was the negligent driver texting or talking on the phone when the accident occurred? We can subpoena his or her phone records: It’s possible the driver wrote dozens of texts immediately prior to the accident. We can also interview passengers and other witnesses in our pursuit of damages, including punitive damages.

A thorough investigation of distracted-driver cases may require litigation because only litigation can compel parties to turn over cell phone records and other key evidence. To discuss your car accident case at no charge with an experienced lawyer, please contact our office.

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