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Construction Vehicles Are Dangerous: Were You Injured?

Construction is a constant reality in North Carolina, with large, equipment-intensive projects and heavy trucks in motion all around us. The vehicles used in road repair and general construction — from dump trucks and earth movers to pump trucks, backhoes, graders and more — are challenging to operate safely, and when accidents occur, they often cause catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

Personal injury and wrongful death claims — across the spectrum of people hurt on the roads, on their jobs and in other life activities — are the clear, exclusive focus of our respected North Carolina law firm. Our Cary construction vehicle accident lawyers have been building a statewide reputation for skilled legal advocacy with integrity since 1994. Our attorneys’ track record includes high-value case experience:

  • Advocating passionately and effectively for victims of car accidents involving massive trucks and other heavy equipment — including families left behind after fatal trucking accidents
  • Pursuing workers’ compensation claims and appeals, as well as third-party personal injury litigation when someone other than the victim’s employer was negligent, for injured construction workers and their families
  • Proving corporate or government agency negligence in cases involving poorly marked or otherwise dangerous construction zones, unsafe roadways, inadequately trained drivers and other causes

Raleigh Work Injury Attorneys And Accident Attorneys You Can Trust

Whether you were seriously injured on the job, or you or a family member was involved in a roadway crash caused by a construction vehicle, our experienced team will move quickly to investigate and begin establishing your legal rights. We are dedicated to untangling what happened, proving a negligent party’s liability, identifying all sources of financial recovery that can help you, and obtaining every dollar you deserve under the law.

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