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How to Cope with a Wrongful Death of a Loved One

Losing a loved one is devastating, no matter the circumstances. When your loss occurs because of another person's reckless or intentional actions, it can feel even more sudden and devastating.

In addition to recovering damages following the death, you have to learn to live without him or her. The American Psychological Association has tips for victims of lost loved ones to handle the loss.

Accept how you feel

There are various emotions associated with grief. You may feel anger, sadness and exhaustion. All of the negative feelings are valid. Instead of ignoring your feelings, you should recognize the feelings and consider why you feel how you do.

You do not have to handle the emotions on your own. When you avoid talking about the loss, you may become isolated. Isolation can leave you feeling depressed or worse than you did before. Try to talk with others to try to understand what happened.

Reach out to family and friends

Spend time with people who shared your love for the decedent. Surrounding yourself with others can help you focus on the good memories. You can share stories, watch your loved one's favorite movies or listen to music in honor of the person you lost. Try to celebrate life, even when it feels hard.

Practice self-care for yourself

Do not forget to care about yourself. Eat healthy food and allow yourself to receive plenty of sleep. Dealing with loss, on top of the logistics of court cases and settling estates can drain you physically and emotionally.

While the loss of a loved one can make you feel lost, you can also use the situation to give yourself a new sense of purpose and meaning. You can move on in the name of your loved one.


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