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Fatal large truck crash statistics

Whether you worry about the possibility of a deadly large truck collision, you are a large truck driver or you recently lost someone you love in a fatal trucking accident, it is vital to go over information on these accidents. Sadly, large truck accidents claim many lives every year, and the families of those who die deserve justice when a truck drivers negligence causes the accident.

In addition, trucking companies and all drivers should realize that large truck fatalities have gone up in recent years.

Data on large truck accident deaths

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that 5,237 buses and large trucks became involved in fatal accidents over the course of 2019, which represents a 2% increase in comparison to 2018. Moreover, this reflects a 47% increase in the number of large truck and bus accident deaths in comparison to 2009.

During 2019, law enforcement received reports of roughly 510,000 large truck crashes, and over 4,400 of these resulted in the loss of life. In addition, 114,000 resulted in injuries.

Other statistics on deadly large truck crashes

The FMCSA states that deadly large truck crashes frequently take place on interstate highways and in rural locations. In fact, roughly 57% of all deadly large truck accidents occurred on rural roads during 2019. For every million Americans, 13 fatal large truck accidents occurred in 2019.

When a fatal truck accident occurs, the families of those who lost their lives need to carefully look over all of the details surrounding the accident. If your family is in this position, make sure you hold those responsible for the loss of your loved one accountable.


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