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Does filing for workers' compensation hurt work relationships?

If you suffer a serious workplace injury, workers compensation might be your only option for maintaining your livelihood. However, many employees hesitate to file a claim because they worry about how it may affect their work relationships.

You have a right to pursue workers compensation. Even so, you may wish to prepare for any negative reactions you might receive from your boss or coworkers.

How will your employer react?

The biggest fear that holds injured workers back from filing a claim is that their employer might retaliate. Discrimination or wrongful termination in response to a workers compensation claim are illegal acts under North Carolina retaliatory employment laws. While the law might not always protect you from a bad attitude, it does strive to protect your employment and right to a safe workplace.

How will your coworkers react?

Filing a workers compensation claim often implies that you will take an extended break from work to rest and recover. You may worry about how your coworkers will react to picking up your slack while you are away. However, it is likely that your team will be understanding and supportive. Most will realize that it could be them in your position.

Suffering a personal injury can create a lot of anxiety and uncertainty for you. It may be worrying to imagine what things will be like when you return to work. Bear in mind that your rights to compensation and fair treatment are yours to pursue. In the event that you receive wrongful treatment in response to your workers compensation claim, your attorney can help advocate for your case.


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