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Why should you stay vigilant around heavy machinery?

When you operate heavy machinery at work, you face risks that others may not. A superior level of responsibility and adequate training can help you to perform your duties safely and effectively.

Understanding the dangers of heavy machinery can help you practice awareness when you work. Irresponsibility on the part of your employer may require you to take action against them, especially if their negligence results in harm to you.

Identifying hazards

Heavy machinery can include anything from forklifts and bulldozers to compressors and drills. According to the National Safety Council, heavy machinery creates hazards including the following:

  • Moving parts in close proximity to you
  • Equipment overturns
  • Crush risks
  • Electrical shock
  • Falling or moving debris

Each one of these risks can have detrimental consequences if you suffer an injury. Life-changing outcomes may temporarily or permanently put you out of work, cause irreparable financial damage and require you to adapt to traumatic changes.

Mitigating hazards

Protecting yourself against the dangers of working with or near heavy machinery requires consistent action. Follow every protocol your employer recommends. Incorporate the use of spotters to help you responsibly maneuver machinery to the appropriate place. Wear a seatbelt and avoid walking underneath or near machinery. Follow proper tag-out procedures. Immediately report concerns to your employer.

If you do suffer an injury because of a workplace accident involving heavy machinery, you may file a workers' compensation claim. Collaborating with an attorney can help you assess your next steps so you can provide an accurate description of your situation. If your employer denies responsibility, an attorney can assist you in taking legal action to protect your rights.


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