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Recovering from a serious car crash as an older adult

When it comes to driving, it is especially vital to understand the risks you face on the road as an older adult. Every year, traffic accidents cause serious hardships for older drivers and passengers involved in accidents, as well as their families. Unfortunately, older adults are especially vulnerable with respect to serious injuries, and the recovery process is often more difficult.

Following a devastating motor vehicle collision, you could have to focus on a number of different factors. Aside from your physical well-being, you could face challenges on a mental and financial level too.

Statistics on traffic accidents involving older adults

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discusses the consequences of traffic accidents involving older adults. According to the CDC, over 250,000 older adults (those 65 and over) received treatment in emergency rooms due to traffic accident injuries in 2019. On a daily basis, nearly 700 older adults sustained injuries in traffic accidents each day over the course of 2019.

Many older adults lose their lives in traffic collisions as well. In 2019, motor vehicle collisions claimed the lives of roughly 8,000 people in this age group.

How traffic accidents impact older adults

Compared to younger people involved in traffic accidents, older adults are especially likely to face serious challenges following a crash. Not only does the risk of suffering a serious injury increase, but some older adults lose the ability to live on their own as a result of an accident, and rehabilitation can take longer.

If you are struggling with emotional hurdles, mental trauma, physical pain, immobility or financial problems due to a negligent driver, you need to hold them accountable.


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