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Worker safety around heavy machinery

Heavy machinery can improve the efficiency and quality of jobs in specific industries. However, working around such equipment can also substantially increase the safety risks for operators.

Workers who understand the importance of vigilance and compliance can take control of their safety on the job. In conjunction with the efforts of their employers, workers can successfully operate machinery without compromising their well-being.

Worker responsibilities

Staying alert is perhaps the most critical decision that workers can take. They can watch out for equipment hazards and malfunctions. They can also help protect their coworkers through participation in lockout and tag-out procedures. According to Travelers Insurance, some ways that workers can protect themselves include the following:

    • Engaging brakes and powering down equipment before dismounting
    • Allowing ample space for other equipment or workers to pass
    • Learning about equipment operation via owner's manuals
  • Participating in proper maintenance procedures
  • Wearing a seatbelt and adequate safety gear

Employer responsibilities

Employers also play a crucial role in protecting their equipment operators from injury. Machine Insider suggests that employers develop a safety culture to encourage responsibility and compliance from their workers. They should also provide adequate training and opportunities for workers to refresh their understanding of the company's safety practices.

Incorporating a preventative maintenance schedule is something that every employer should do. They can even involve equipment operators in overseeing the schedules and coordinating maintenance and repairs. Because of the size and design of heavy machinery, even a simple accident could cause catastrophic, life-changing injuries. Workers who have suffered an equipment injury may seek compensation by way of a lawsuit.


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