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Amazon delivery driver killed in Durham County

Police officers and firefighters often top people's lists for the most inherently dangerous jobs. Few ever stop to think that delivery drivers also easily make such a list. Regardless of what vehicle you drive or what cargo you deliver, if delivering is your job, you are always at risk of serious injury.

The perils of the road never go away

Northbound Interstate 85 was recently shut down following a fatal accident involving an Amazon delivery truck. The truck collided with a tractor-trailer in Durham County, at Redwood Road, causing significant damage to the front of the Amazon vehicle. The delivery driver was killed as a result.

Details on the accident were sparse. North Carolina Highway Patrol had not determined the cause of the accident and reports dedicated no time to the inherent dangers faced by those who deliver for companies like Amazon.

Because delivery drivers are constantly surrounded by other traffic, they are always at risk of encountering distracted drivers and drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They can spend their entire day facing the risks other drivers face for only a few minutes at a time as they commute.

Moreover, companies persistently require drivers to stick to schedules designed to maximize profits rather than safety. Drivers must navigate roads and areas with which they are unfamiliar, adding to the potential hazards day in and day out.

And although companies must have insurance to cover drivers who sustain injuries while on the job, those insurance companies do not have the drivers' best interest as their priority. If they can reduce their expenses by paying out less, or nothing at all, they will.

If you are injured as a delivery driver, you are entitled to compensation for the injuries you sustain. Whether it's workers compensation or a personal injury lawsuit due the negligence of another, it's important you understand your rights. Getting through a hard day of congested traffic is bad enough – getting through the red tape of an insurance company without help could be even worse.


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