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How to avoid truck driver fatigue

Truck driver fatigue can lead to serious truck accidents and catastrophic injuries. Because of the massive vehicles they command, it is essential for truck drivers not to drive while fatigued. They can follow some safety tips to help keep everyone on the roadway safe and prevent truck accidents.

Get enough rest before driving

Truck drivers should ensure they get adequate sleep each night. Drivers should also avoid driving during naturally drowsy hours between midnight and 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Truck driver fatigue can impair the driver's ability to respond to hazards and can increase the chances of a truck accident.

Maintain a healthy diet, take naps and avoid reliance on alertness tricks

Regular meals and a healthy diet can help avoid food cravings and fatigue. Even a short nap can help but naps should generally be 10 minutes to 45 minutes and drivers should allow 15 minutes of wake up time to become fully alert before driving. Drivers should not engage in alertness tricks such as smoking, turning up the radio, drinking coffee or opening a window which can give them a false sense that they are not drowsy.

Avoid medication that causes drowsiness and recognize the signs and dangers of fatigue

Drivers should avoid taking medication while driving that will cause them drowsiness. Drivers should also be aware of the sign of fatigue including frequent yawning, heavy eyes and blurred vision.

These safety tips may seem simple but if followed, they can help prevent truck accidents and avoid the creation of truck accident victims. Truck driver fatigue can lead to truck accidents that can seriously injure victims but victims also have important protections available to them through a personal injury claim for damages when a fatigued or otherwise negligent truck driver injures them.


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