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Four North Carolina teens die in truck crash

Four teenagers, two of whom were siblings, died recently in a collision with a box truck near a city in eastern North Carolina.

According to authorities, the accident happened on a federal highway. The driver of the box truck allowed the vehicle to cross over the median and into the path of the oncoming vehicle in which the teens were traveling.

The box truck slammed into the teens' car head on, causing extensive damage.

Three of the teenagers died at the scene of the accident, while one died after being rushed to a nearby hospital.

A fifth person in the car, also a teen and the brother of the two siblings who died, suffered minor physical injuries. He was the only survivor in the car.

The truck driver who caused the accident also suffered minor injuries and will face a criminal charge.  Police claim that the driver was traveling too fast for the rainy, wet conditions at the time.

Police say his driving too fast contributed to his running off the northbound road and crossing the median.

Deadly commercial vehicle accidents can be complicated legal affairs

There is no doubt that more information will come forth about this tragedy. However, as it stands, it appears that driver of the box truck is responsible for this deadly commercial vehicle accident.

Even when it is clear that the driver is at fault, getting full compensation for these victims could be complicated.

The driver and the company which employed or hired him could be responsible to pay for this accident, but they may choose to deny full responsibility or argue about how much compensation the victims and their families are entitled to.

Multiple insurance companies may be involved in this case, and the victims may even have to consider underinsured motorist benefits. It will be important for these grieving families to understand their legal options.


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