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Common workplace injuries and how workers' comp helps

Workplace accidents can mean time away from work or worse. For that reason, workers should be familiar with the different types of workplace injuries and how workers' compensation may be able to help them.

Common types of workplace injuries

Over 84% of nonfatal workplace injuries that involve time away from work fall into three categories. The three categories include overexertion and bodily reaction; slips, trips and falls; and contact with objects and equipment.

Overexertion and bodily reaction injuries include non-impact injuries that result from excessive physical effort directed at an outside source and repetitive motion injuries. Slips and trips can occur without a fall, falling on the same level or falling to a lower level. The type of slip, trip and fall can impact the nature and extent of the injury and the needs and recovery process of the injured worker.

Equipment-related injuries can be severe. These types of injuries can occur when a moving object strikes the worker; when a worker strikes against an object or equipment; when a part of the worker's body is squeezed, pinched, compressed or crushed in equipment or in between equipment or other objects; a worker is struck, caught or crushed in a collapse of a building or trench; or because of vibration or friction on a job site.

How workers' compensation helps

Workplace injuries can leave injured workers unable to work and support themselves during a time when they are vulnerable as medical expenses pile up. Workers' compensation benefits can help with lost wages and medical expenses which is why injured workers should be familiar with how workers' compensation benefits can help them address their specific needs after they have been injured at work.


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