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Reckless driving on North Carolina roads

At one time or another, many drivers have witnessed a person driving recklessly on the road. Reckless driving can cause serious accidents there are helpful reminders for drivers to stay safe.

In North Carolina, reckless driving is defined as driving carelessly and with disregard for the rights and safety of others. It includes driving at a speed or in a manner that would endanger a person or property. A person who is speeding and driving recklessly can lose their driver's license for 60 days.

Types of reckless driving

There are several types of reckless driving. Road rage is aggressive behavior that includes verbal altercations or physical threats intended to intimidate the other driver. Whenever possible, it's helpful for drivers to keep their distance from these drivers and to not respond to them.

Tailgating is another form of reckless driving which involves one person driving exceptionally close to another driver's car from behind. This can cause serious accidents to the driver. When it is safe to do so, the driver in the front can move out of the lane or onto the shoulder to let the other driver pass.

Drivers who run red lights, illegally pass other drivers or race in neighborhoods may also be driving recklessly. If a person is hit by a reckless driver, he or she may suffer injuries like cuts and bruises, broken bones, traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries and even death.

They may also lose time away from work or may have to quit their job entirely in order to recover. Injuries can cause a significant physical, emotional and financial impact to the injured person and the family members that rely on him or her for support.

An experienced attorney can represent victims and pursue compensation on their behalf.


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