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The dangers of crush injuries in motor vehicle accidents

Car accidents are dangerous. They involve large, moving objects that collide at high rates of speed with significant force. Though most of the vehicles that Cary residents drive are equipped with some important safety features like seatbelts, serious injuries are not always preventable when two vehicles crash.

In some accidents, victims sustain serious crush injuries. A crush injury happens when force is placed upon a body or body part. When two vehicles engage in an impact, a person caught in the middle can be crushed.

Crush injuries can be debilitating and some are deadly. This post will discuss crush injuries and the complications that can result from them. No part of this post should be read as legal or medical advice.

The consequences of crush injuries

Crush injuries are common in car accidents. Often they result in injuries like lacerations, bruising, and broken bones. A crush injury can cause serious bleeding as well as nerve damage in a victim. Timely medical attention for a crush injury after a car accident is important to protect the health and welfare of the victim.

Aside from these effects, though, crush injuries can have even more serious outcomes. One possible complication from a crush injury is crush syndrome. Crush syndrome is a systemic condition that can impact a victim’s organs, respiration, and other necessary bodily processes.

Seeking financial recovery after a car accident

Car accident injuries can be devastating and may inflict long-term health problems on victims. A crush injury may require significant medical intervention to treat and may result in substantial financial costs. A victim whose injuries are caused by the negligence of another person may be ill-equipped to pay for their own accident-related medical treatment, but they may not have to. Depending on the facts of their case and the legal claims that are available to them, a victim may have the right to sue for their losses and recover their damages through civil litigation.


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