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Nursing work can result in serious and debilitating injuries

Not long ago this blog posted an article on how nurses can suffer significant and debilitating back injuries in the course of their work. While back injuries are an unfortunately common form of harm suffered by healthcare workers, nurses throughout North Carolina are subjected to other forms of detriment as well. This post will introduce some of those types of injuries, but readers are reminded that no part of this post offers legal or medical advice.

Types of injuries suffered by nurses

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses are at an elevated risk of injury over workers in other professions. In the course of their work, they can be subjected to harm from the following sources:

  • Injuries from strains and overexertion
  • Falls or slips
  • Injuries from violence or the actions of patients
  • Exposure injuries from chemicals or fire
  • Equipment injuries

It is not uncommon for nurses to work through pain and suffering due to their commitment to their patients. However, workplace injuries like these and others can cause nurses to suffer long-term and even permanent losses.

Steps to take after a workplace injury

Regardless of where a nurse is working or the type of facility in which they perform their duties, there are some important steps that they should take to protect their rights to compensation. They should notify their employers of their injuries as soon as practical, and they should seek medical help from stipulated or personal medical providers. They may also choose to consult with workers' compensation attorneys for help, as attorneys who work in this field are knowledgeable about the laws that support North Carolina workers in injury-causing situations.

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. They have rights and options when they get hurt at work. Workers' compensation may be available to them to help them get back on their feet when injuries and illnesses cause them harm.


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