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Recent accidents in construction zones point to lack of awareness

It would be understandable if our readers were to feel like construction zones on the roadways throughout North Carolina seem never-ending. Constant improvement work is seemingly always underway somewhere. However, for as much as drivers might get annoyed at slow-downs in construction zones, it is important to remember that there are workers in those areas and their safety is a priority. A couple of recent accidents show just how dangerous construction zones can be, both for construction workers in those areas and drivers passing through.

According to a recent report, one accident occurred on September 28 north of Charlotte on Interstate 77. The reports indicate that three vehicles were involved, including two construction trucks and a tractor-trailer. From the reports it appears that the driver of the tractor-trailer was at fault for the crash, with indications that the driver simply did not see that a lane was closed due to construction.

In another incident around that same time, this one south of Charlotte, a construction vehicle reportedly collided with another vehicle. There were few details about this second accident, although reports indicate that at least one person was hospitalized in the aftermath of the wreck.

Taking action after a car collision

A lack of awareness near construction zones can lead to serious injuries, or even fatalities. When North Carolina residents are injured in these types of incidents they may need to review their legal options if they intend to take action. A personal injury lawsuit could be a path toward financial recovery, and those funds could be used to cover medical expenses and other costs that oftentimes pop up in the aftermath of a construction zone accident.


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